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  1. Yesss kingg go offf

  2. Dugin = articulate malevolence via successive echoes of subtle 'fuck you.'

  3. Yikes a pro israel pro jewish commie.

    No wonder the (((alt right))) is full of losers…lmao they worship this con artist!

    You people who worship him are fucking morons. This ass clown is your symbol, unironically.

  4. Dude, I thought we were going to talk about circumcision on google hangout.

  5. Being looking up dugin, a pathetic poofter with a year or two in a crappy russki uni, moron, inept, poofter, in the cage with me muthafucka, I'll give you 20 seconds.

  6. Matt north check out this video :

    Watch entire video want history want some truth on what is really going on.
    All These political Strategies and methods of action taken To divide amd conquer stem From a particular source.
    A source which leads a small group of humanity to subjugate control and conquer the rest of humanity. Why for what whats the end goal who’s running the show and why what past events have led to this.

    Humamity has been invaded and conquered and over the course of the last 7500 years a new inaccurate
    Timeline has been constructed.

    What im getting at is its
    Much bigger than what people think while truth seekers and those who onow something isnt right get caught up on the lower level psych warfare without understanding why its being carried out and how we have gotten to this point.

  7. I dig this channel, great information. Why is the audio sh!t on most vids? Voices too loud, then too soft, then music baring. The distracting audio makes it difficult to digest. Okay im done being complainypants. Good work Matt, keep it up!

  8. Can't overlook Dugin's close ties to CIA asset Richard Spencer. Spencer is or was married to a Dugin acolyte and Spencer's family lines include a grandfather who was Zionist and Theosophist.

  9. The commentator said it best !! We're Fukd !

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