1. No, I do not believe in coincidences!

  2. I recently noticed that Youtube is doing like FG & IG. A few times after i searched things on Google, Youtube would suggest videos about things I searched.

  3. I tried to delete but couldn’t get it off

  4. It’s not Facebook, it’s LifeLog….

  5. Do how to delete for good

  6. And it was only in large cities and surrounding areas! Rural America was not affected! 🤣

  7. Some news from an American YouTuber in Isreal, mentioned huge changes coming to youtube over the next two weeks and she said: " oh well, what can we do but roll with it." She didn t elaborate. Her and her husband are moving to the US rather suddenly. They have been in Isreal for 8 years. Interesting stuff going on indeed. She also mentioned that a lot of people were leaving Isreal.

  8. Social CREDIT System like China coming to America?

  9. There also were arrests for the sharing of videos of 2 Danish tourists, who were beheaded by ISIS sympathizers in Morocco. Something like 14 arrests.

    This was apparently a huge issue worldwide and was taking place on FB, IG, and WhatsApp…which were all effected yesterday.

  10. G’day and god bless from Melbourne , Australia to all our American brothers & sisters .

    I was off Facebook years ago, what a pathetic site full of cucks .


  11. Crazy! We had a 11 hour outage in Australia. FB ought to be held liable and pronto!


  13. Very strange but we had chemtrails start up all over again just a couple of days before the FB crash. Very dodgy works by the govts. Almost like 1984 George Orwell! Oh btw GAB.COM is the best competition to fakebook 😀

  14. Word on the web claims, Mark Zuckerberg is a great-grandson of one of the Rockefeller's and Zuckerberg apparently, is a cousin to Snowden?!

  15. In my rumor mill video , check it out guys, Thanks Titus for the shout out (I am Bellagio Sampler)

  16. It is actually WORSE than we think, this handshake between Amazon and Facebook.

    Amazon had financial data from many more people than Facebook … including businesses.

  17. In the meantime, the head of the Gambino crime family was shot on Staten Island.

    Trump and then_head of the Gambino family had the same lawyer, Roy Cohn, the big New York fixer. Costellano, the then head of the Gambino family was killed in 1985 December, on 46th street, NYC.

  18. There is also MAJOR guilty plea with the NXIVM case.

    . "Do you believe in coincidences" is a Q-anon quote. One of the recent Q threads suggests that FB can only collect personal data AFTER the phone app is deleted, if they are in fact a government operation.

  19. At what point do coincidences become mathematically impossible?
    The more you know! 👍 😉

  20. There are no coincidences

  21. Titus it be cool if you start talking on your weekly show about how we can leverage the information / research you do and use it to capitalize on good investment potentials like Steem it , waves etc…be nice to hear your take on things like that…obviously you are not a financial advisor but I would be curious to hear what you think and I am sure many of your listeners would as well. You are a wealth of knowledge and I’m sure it can correlate into great investment opportunities for you and many of your listeners

  22. Good connective tissue Titus. Suspicious minds are a healthy thing when aims at Government. Thank you for putting out such amazing content.

  23. Deleting Fakebook makes NO difference at all once it has been installed on any device!
    Facebook launched the same day that DARPA Life log was supposed to have finished?
    Would you have more success in getting people to enter all their personal information on a Government platform or a supposedly PRIVATE Organisation?
    Why is Mr Zuckerberg being reported that he is spending massive amounts of money on his own personal protection?
    What is he so worried about?
    Just more coincidences again I suppose?🤔

  24. It's funny that many people were making MySpace accounts by the millions because of Facebook and Instream shutdown. lol Also, got ban from Facebook many years ago. So doesn't matter.

  25. What is your stance on infant circumcision? Knowing where you stand on this let’s me know whether to take you seriously as a child advocate

  26. jews are our masters, they do whatever they want

  27. There are no coincidences. FB is government controlled & has no respect for the 1st or 4th amendments!

  28. Funny how your view count was at 666 before and after i watched your video. Anywho…i know you're not a fan of Q, but, if u kept up (for entertainment 🙂), you'd have a clue about what's going on with FB.

  29. It was Russian hackers!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  30. ny times lol… you mean the ashkenazi times

  31. If Zuckerberg would just cave in and let Hillary Clinton be the CEO, these investigations would cease.

  32. I got off of Fakebook and ALL social media November 6, 2012. (The day the handwriting was on the wall.)

  33. Do you believe in coincidences..Q confirmed.

  34. Silent war. God bless President Trump.

  35. They use our pics for pyramid scheme adds.. like the work at home mom's who make x amount just sitting at home. One of the moms is just a girl I know who doesn't so shit for money anywhere

  36. I hate having fb. But so many users. I can tell my family that's thousands of miles away what's up in one place.. plus I tattoo so I get all my advertising free thru FB. It's not easy for a lot of us to cut off such income and connection

  37. <NPC>must.silence.coincidence.theorists.they.are.threat.to.democracy</NPC>

  38. Delete Facebook. You won't miss it.

  39. Loving the content, are you considering an interview with Adam at Know More News at all?

  40. Facebook also just recently censored and banned the sharing of articles by ZeroHedge which has some of the most truthful economic news on the web and is always my go-to news site.

  41. You sound like q

  42. Good point, I just thought they were thinking they were archiving all of our info , uploading etc..

  43. I don't think they respect USA laws, they are global companies, as they've said- and there for the only way u can protect yourself if u really do care about privacy, is delete your accounts, and don't participate in their operations. Even if they did violate our "rights" .. who do u think would step up for the people and defend us- nobody. Politicians don't give a fuck about us. Lawyers don't give a fuck about justice. Of coarse they're violating laws- who's gonna stop them? …fucking…nobody✌️ much love bro, just stating the obvious.
    * P.S. Oh right, the "constitution". (Which is SO respected by those with authority who enforce the 'laws') #goodOne

  44. What do you think about Trump watching the fb social media etc watching to see who posts that’s on disability to try to take foodstamps and government checks away . I’m about to delete fb and IG. Honestly it doesn’t matter if you delete your fb they have everything archived and even they are watching shadow accounts etc .. everyyyything is archived and stored. Posts, friends , comments, likes dislikes , allll of your messages deleted or not. Remember youtube did the same crap recently and yesterday it was IG and FB. It’s basically too late. It’s depressing .

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