1. Omg yes a long one 😩♥️🤟🏾
    I LOVE your channel!

  2. Saved to watch later tonight. This is my Netflix and chill right here haha.

  3. Definitely a weird time to be unvaccinated (thanks, mom)
    It feels almost like a dirty secret.
    Gag is I’m the healthiest of anyone I know.

  4. 🙏🙏🙏bless up

  5. The past years have seen so many great sites telling the truth about the
    "vaccine" horror = wanna die? wanna kill your children? ………then get INJECTED with these poisons/ DO NOT CONSENT.

  6. I suggested Hotez was a freemason and my comment was "disappeared"

  7. 2nd responder wow love this channel Godbless you all

  8. 1984 has been here for a while now

  9. Horrible times! I’m 28 and have 3 beautiful children and the biggest reality is am I going to actually vaccinate my children and they possibly could really get messed up or the scare that my child will die from flu… HARD TIMES!!! Just one decision away from possibly harming my children from a decision and no way of knowing until you make the decision and find out.

  10. As long as there is misinformation, there will be suppressed speech. Some people choose to live a lie rather than fight for truth. Redemption will be questionable.

  11. Got news for you its not only vaccines

  12. can you please do a video about the new law in the uk making everyone automatic organ donors mandated by the government?

  13. Thank you for this important video well done! It’s a witch-hunt on parents who research for themselves. The debate is over as they have admitted the dangers. It’s well documented. Shutting it down has a little sister called tweaking the algorithm. /All the Best

  14. Won’t mess with flu vaccine but the big ones for polio , measles , ect should not be skipped by parents . It’s ridiculous .

  15. Face palm myself into a coma….. I can relate

  16. With them putting the S.1 BILL in the house and the passing of H.R 72 and H.R 672 you won't be able to debate WWII and the Evils of Israel. These thin-skinned people are getting exposed for being behind killing an infant at 9 nine months with the newest Abortion Law in NY to Our tolerance Equality laws. Look them up.

  17. I am a mother. I know how disinformation spreads. I know history. I have two teenage daughters who always recieved their vaccinations and both were in public schools. My children's health has always been important to me. I can't stand the lies and propaganda these days – it's as toxic as a disease.

  18. The level of bullying from the antivaxxer haters is scary….what they say about forcing invasive procedures onto anyone who disagrees about vaccines…omfg that is even scarier.

    Mob mentality is a danerous thing when fuelled by hate, pejudice and ignorance.

    (My daughter was taken off me and forced the MMR which I didnt want her to have…she is now autistic)

  19. Measles are not mercury poisoning.
    For the love of money is the root of all evil.
    Free speech. If they don't like. Find another country to lie to.
    They are part of the Georgia Guild Stone population control policy
    I had measles for a week. Now I no longer worry about it.

  20. Condemns hate speach well practicing hate speach

  21. I just got my girl pregnant

  22. Well this was unexpected. Heck yeah!

  23. Joe Rogan is such a shill. I cannot believe I used to listen to his podcast to get alternative views. Him and Peterson are pushing such horrible views.

  24. Any good info links to vaccines im 100 percent skeptical

  25. Im wondering what it will take for people to realise that joe rogan is not a friend of the people😒

  26. Just disliked the
    Joe Rogan podcast

  27. was a NURSE[ WHO] gave us AIDS true story

  28. I'm waiting for the Wikipedia link under videos stating Censorship is not real

  29. Clear history/cookies to bypass all PAYWALLS.
    Read FREE.

  30. I mean earth is flat and all the illumminati brain washed us since birth.

  31. Seems like the anti vax movement do more science than the pharma companies really 😳

  32. Ty for sharing your thoughts and videos. Very interesting and enlightening. Absotively appreciate ALL your time and effort. HUGS and blessings for ALL

  33. I’m supposed to be working not watching YouTube videos. And right when I was about to put my phone down.. looks like I’m sitting here another hour. Perks of night shift I guess

  34. Immunologists and epidemiologists as well as doctors and nurses all disagree with mandatory vaccinations.

  35. great content, thanks and God bless

  36. "anti-vaccine lobby"…lol. first time I've heard that. what a complete bigot. It's obviously the billion dollar vaccine industry that lobbies and they're still failing, because honest scientists and independent media are stepping up.

  37. Vaccines, such an amazing and wonderful quality of life improvement that the Government has to force people to take them. If you have to force people to use your product there's likely a huge problem with it.

  38. Here before the Wikipedia box is below this video.

  39. That guy is a freakin nazi. He called for Amazon to pull all books about vaccine injuries on Joe Rogan's show. A literal book burning.

  40. Aborted slaughtered human babies and pigs in the vaccines ingredient.

  41. Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR , rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. That's from The Weston A. Price Foundation.

  42. and styxhexandhammer is all for the vaccines.

  43. I smell fear and weakness coming from big tech.

  44. I just had a baby 2 days ago and will be “delaying” vaccines (indefinitely). Strictly breast feeding and not circumcising him either.

  45. What really bothered me was that my daughter was given her first vaccs in the hospital without my permission and before I was even able to hold her…
    The autism risks are too great.. Scares the crap out of me.

  46. There is no such thing as hate speech

  47. Thank you.. very insightful and not too technical… in preventive chemotherapy is a new term I've never heard before but is a complete joke🤣😂 it's actually to kill you quicker

  48. I left several comments on Rogan's podcast. 2 of which disappeared right after I posted them.

  49. I read an article yesterday about the Navy having a measles outbreak on vaccinated sailors! So they are calling measles by the medical term in an attempt to hide the truth. Smh

  50. Mel here. For the record, I had a totally different video I was working on, and Aaron has a large one he's been editing, but we both dropped everything to make this instead because it needed to be said. This is a much bigger issue beyond whether or not you are "pro" or "anti" vaccines. It's a larger situation about free speech in a society where the public square has gone digital, and major corporations, political leaders, and so-called scientific "experts" are going to start deciding what people are allowed to see, discuss, and know. If you don't share this one, it's probably going to get buried. Note — Just in case, our backup channel on Vimeo is here: https://vimeo.com/truthstreammedia

  51. I'm going on Reddit less and less… but every time I do happen to find my way on there, there's so much propaganda about anti-vaxxers!

  52. Joe roasted him over his weight n fast food addiction, but then kissed his butt saying he is a "real" scientist and calling him "sir." What ever that is :/ The guy admits he cannot control what he eats, but wants to force others to be vaccinated?!

  53. Rockefeller University? Yeah, that's enough reason for me to see him for what he really is. I bet he's never seen an actual medical textbook…

  54. I tried to tell them that was just some bs when they try to make fun of anti vaxxers they just called me crazy or stupid smh. sheep's don't know their sheep :/

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