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  1. 2 Baskets of Figs… Key of David… Church of Philly and Smyrna… Be on the side of the Wheat / Good Figs… Do not be against Israel because of the Tares and Bad Figs… Be wise…Good video.

  2. The Q'tards are brain damaged, so I guess I shouldn't make fun of them. Except, in their case the truth could cure their "challenged" condition, so I will. A bunch of zionist christians believing they are red-pilled who think our enemy is some deepstate. That's as accurate as they can be in defining their enemy…..easy prey they are, as they pray.

  3. Titus Sir ,
    Please check out
    E. Michael Jones
    Of Culture Wars Magazine
    & 40 years experience of exposing jew propaganda and on going social engineering global.

    He sights so many facts with superfluous ease. This man is a very calm kind display – er of : fact fact facts !! … He is a master at work.
    An introduction.
    I think Owen has been synthesizing a lot of his arguments on the foundations of E.Michael Jones knowledge

    I’m in Central Point Oregon
    I’d like to have a brief chat if you care to (541)450-4090
    Text me first and I’ll answer


    Fight the good fight.

  4. The #Jexit poster-girl is a straight up weirdo-android.

  5. Israel is in TOTAL control of the US government. No matter who you vote for the neocon Zionists win every time. And they’re already developing close relationships with China because they’ll soon need a new host nation after they’ve used us up. Why our ancestors didn’t root out this cancer a hundred years ago, I don’t know. But now it’s too late. They’re gonna destroy America and it’s too late to save it. They have complete control now.

  6. A strategy of co-dependence between 2 nations run by the corporations for the corporations.

    Contractors now so powerful they gain billions per year just in middle east contracts.

    A long term strategy of codependency to create an inseparable relationship.

    In the end we become like slaves paying the high taxes to keep this codependency in practice.

    All while 45,000 Americans die every year from lack of health insurance. Another 643,000 go bankrupt to lack of health insurance. All while we fund a nation with national healthcare for all their citizens and free college. We have been sold out.

  7. Qtards will get the bullet too.

  8. Oh my God
    I do need to meet you.

  9. Hmm no accent today 🤨

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