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  1. Jordan Peterson is a Canadian Citizen and has to watch what he says or else he's going to be in prison under Canadian laws unlike here in America so he's walking a fine line to stay out of prison you got to understand that

  2. I’m liking the increased uptick in your activity Matthew

  3. A great video exposing this twat

  4. And another VICTORY for the Synagoge of Satan, those who call themselfs ' Jews', they got them ' truthers' of the ' Alternative Media' going after one and eachother for that special ' Debunking Show' .
    And to make this all possible, throw your sheckels towards them Goy! Want a great awesome Rant? Watch ALEX ON LIFE Jewtube Channel:

  5. Oy vey. Shut it down!

  6. Thumbs Up for the title alone!
    Faux intellectual in the sense of being driven for possibly wrong reasons

  7. We know where psychology came from. Fraudism.

  8. Matthew, Can you do some digging and possibly exposure of the MAGA hat kid and ((HIS)) suing CNN? My hunch as that ((KID)) is from the ((TRIBE)) Suing for 300 million. Right hand feeds the left hand. (IMO)

  9. Another good one! Cheers Matthew.

  10. Oooh hell yes! My recommendations have been filled with this worthless crypto schill's videos, No matter how many I thumbs down, YouTube keeps trying to stuff them up my ass!

  11. ALL this time, i couldn't stand Jordan.
    FINALLY, others are catching on.
    Anyone on JOE ROGAN is a bullsh…er

  12. Anyone k ow if TOOL is in bed with CIA???

  13. Anyone k ow if TOOL is in bed with CIA???

  14. Obviously, the recent college cheating scandal has nothing to do with Ashkenazi applicants. Their HIGH IQ is enough to get them in those colleges. The trust funds they got from their banker parents had nothing to do with it.

  15. its simple. he believes in new age Luciferian belief system. he took timothy leary position in university and although he comes at it from a different angle and never says it outright, you can dismantle his speeches and realize he believes man is god

  16. He is a fan of Lenin and communism. And we all know where communism comes from. He is a fraud. I have no doubts about that.

  17. At minute 16:36, it looks like that person talking to Peterson is a tranny.

  18. There all a bunch of fakes. John B. Wells who screams Q is real, Field McConnell who's nameless, faceless guest said Trump's illegal regime change in Venezuela is so he can further the goodness of the new world order, and don't even get me started on Jason Goodman who no doubt is working with the cia. Great show Matthew, they all are.

  19. I always suspected this character greatly Matt, you have confirmed AND enriched my opinion of him: A pretentious self contradictory bought and paid deceitful, lying twat with all the right lingo to go with it, well, sometimes. Cheers mate.

  20. Sounds like the guy from the Zeitgeist documentary.

  21. Peterson always looks emotional unstable to me. His daughter claims he has had serious depression for most of his life. He is a very weird, feminine man.

  22. Peterson reminds me a little of Dugin…..both are very BAD NEWS!

  23. 16:03 lmfao 🤔 Anything but Privilege

  24. He makes no sense. Whites have an unearned "gift" which is bad and then goes on to say that Jews are gifted and should be proud hence why they hold positions of power. Good for me and bad for you. 🙂

  25. I disagree. I say all nations should put away individual nationalistic pride and unite in healthy pride as a human race period individuality should only be in the individual itself person by person not race or religion

  26. Eeehm, info brought to us by neo-nazis…?! Redistributed/mirrored without any reservations… :/

  27. It’s attempting to destroy the United States. To keep the United States fighting itself so it doesn’t realize how and at what level it’s complicit too the plan and to pull the plug once the United States fulfilled its duty. What their doing I believe is to split populations of western countries between minority groups and its white European. Eventually that’ll be the que to cause civil war and mass violence and chaos.

  28. hey, remember when Kermit was totally into Pepe and wearing a frog hat? I guess this frog jumped out of the pot. 🐸

  29. Hey Yo Matthew do you use Twitter? Great videos BTW. If you don't have Twitter do you have a discord/telegram discussion group? Peace

  30. Isn't it funny how Juda Peterstein doesn't preach this mealy-mouthed bullshit to Jews at AIPAC conferences 🤔

  31. There's no sin in taking pride in my babcia's perogie recipe… Peterson can kiss my dupa and go clean his room.

  32. I never liked the dude.

  33. He does that same thing Owen Benjamin and Alex Jones do where they just yell in a condescending manner at you.He is just another narcissist with daddy issues that got a pedestal and wants to direct more men with daddy issues in a cult like manner.

  34. Jordan is nothing less than a traitoress shekel grabbing shabbos cunt – His misleading of all these youngsters by demonizing racial pride, makes him even more DISGUSTING to me than the actual puppetmasters.!!!! #FuckJordanPeterson

  35. Hey matt I found your content the other night watching your exposure of Joe rogan! great content. I'd to see you possibly do a video on alex jones deception and his links with murdering William Cooper Writer of Behold a Pale horse

  36. Don't try and change the world until your house is in perfect order. Is one of the rules in 12 RFL, Im para phrasing, Ive read the book. The thing is, your house will never be in perfect order, only sufficient order. You will only spend time on your house and not try to help fix your neighbors or the countries house. Our european culture is being torn apart and he says to only focus on ourselves, that is as satanic as i can imagine. Only focus on self. This is a very good video. I was a peterson follower, i recoiled when I first started to watch. I pushed through and I'm glad I did.

  37. Traitors are usually paid very well by their masters. And this effeminate psychobabbler is no exception.

  38. Another Zionist trying to kill Amerika!

  39. We as Europeans can take no credit in the accomplishments of our ancestors, according to Peterson. Then why must take all the blame? (As in the form of guilt, shame, reparations, etc.)

  40. also peterson is all about the money and loves money that was a huge red flag for me plus he loves israel and the askeNAZI jews another red flag.

  41. When you've gone full retard, this is full retard this whole YouTube channel is prime example of why you never go full retard…..

  42. Juden ''whites are dumb askenazi jews are the best''Peterstein.

  43. I'm proud to be white and im porud of my nationality. Israel should be nuked or flooded with immigrants.

  44. I got roped into Peterson at first…I liked his early lectures he was posting, he had some good ideas, pushing back against PC authoritarian culture….but like all other COINTELPRO agents, time makes people show their true colors like gobstoppers haha

  45. Seems so similar to the Youth Revolution in china … traditions and cultures were wiped out to spread the radical mindset which was radical only in being naive and ill-informed by the CCP. Great breakdown of this topic , Bravo !

  46. Self proclaimed obsession with WWI and WWII yet still pushed the official narrative without ever addressing who created Communism.

  47. jordan is a jungian occultist which is all just crowley thelema, which all boils down to kabbalism

  48. he is a goof ball from day one.

  49. Maybe this is the beginning of the end game. After the last few decades, the so-called right (anti-establishment types) is so thoroughly defeated that all of these sudden efforts to provoke them could be to generate a pretext to justify a final purge.

  50. Great share Matthew. Keep exposing.

  51. Mathew , u are the smartest young person on UTube. Brilliant expose on that Duganite POS Peterson .

  52. You should create a discord chat

  53. This is hilarious: "… this is the same argument used by those who argue for equality of outcome.." I don't know how many times Peterson is on video saying how vehemently he (Peterson) disagrees with equality of outcome, but is for equality of opportunity. Then later in the video, the presenter decides what Peterson was going to say, not what Peterson did say. This is complete garbage.

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