Tonight will be our third interview with Randy Rocket Cody on Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Johnny Depp, and the New World Order.

You can find Randy’s groundbreaking articles on his website here:

Articles we will be covering tonight:

1. Chester Bennington, LAPD and 2 Black Books:

2. EL COCO – The Child Killer Who Really Exists!:

3. Elizabeth Short, Jigsaw & Temple Of The Dog (Part 3):

4. JOHNNY DEPP – Is He Battling Adrenochrome Induced Schizophrenia? (Part 3):

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  1. Yo, shout out from Mico, Texas

  2. I never thought about walnut sauce being adrenochrome. Makes sense. Walnuts look like brains.

  3. Guest mentioned fraternities, but left one out. The boyscouts. Eaglescouts get pushed right into the blue lodge. There used to be a link right from the eaglescout info on the website…

  4. Whoa, that was kind of painful 😣

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