Original – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTIKIsCCvmk
IDW Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhMN1UMViQs&list=PLQOD292dPGAn5zcgzqGrr74ccBa-f9EbH


  1. Well done. Good flow.

  2. I agree. Sexualization is an agenda. If you’ve had sex with a bunch of people, then it devalues your future spouse when you finally meet them. It also spiritually taints you, or however you want to say it. It’s pretty serious, and you can’t take it back.

  3. Great stuff bro, love that we still have people that will tell the ultimate truth

  4. 16 mins in, digging it

  5. It's so messed up that most people are trying to afford food and rent but these globalists are worried about living forever and playing God. And people still can't see the disconnect with Rogan and think he's a genuine "good guy". I'm also starting to think that doing lsd at 16 years old definitely screwed up my psyche. I think it is what made me not care about anything and eventually get on opiates. I'm such an idiot. I'm just now seeing the error in my ways and been coming off these drugs one at a time. Mind you these are all prescribed drugs of the last 12 years. Aquino is a grade a scumbag and molester btw.

  6. Sam harris / jordan peterson controlled opposition . Maybe not initially but at this pointed co-opted.

  7. I think Owens for real.

  8. Jan, you should ask Matthew to be your cohost, he has the goods

  9. We gotta tell Jesse to get a new mic

  10. Matthew North I just love you. I could be your grandma but GOD BLESS you young man. People in MY area don't even know they have smart meters!!!!

  11. All they care about is pleasure. Simple baboons control us. It's horrible.

  12. Another good one! Cheers

  13. Is everyone on Joe Rogan's podcast a schill? I've really gotten great value from Wim Hoff and David Goggins.

  14. Jan needs some more stamina, this could’ve easily gone on longer

  15. Fadimin created microdosing my ass poor people did that wtf where do you get your info lmao

  16. Be nice to have a list of when vid speaks of these folks mentioned, like Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris (both of whom I've had the same ideas concerning their new emmurgence). This is a LON pod and I'd like to know where that part oif it is. The rest is kind of ditto for me anywho. But jst found you all today so I am susbscribed. I agree totally and am glad a bunch ofmales have seen this too. . . . Really grewat.Thanks.

  17. When Jordan and Sam were debating each other, I thought it was like 2 aliens from different solar systems attempting communication. But they are just from a different tribe of the same species. 😂

    We have to have our own sort of cremation of care, but the care of our egoic self image. Once one is humbled, no one can bring you down. You are already down to earth. Just laugh at all of the absurdity and talk about what is real without fear of ostracism or negative social media status.

    The ones who ostracize us are obviously not on our side, just move on and find the good people left with a brain. 🙄

  18. Missed you guys live luckily for your audience and moderators. A triptych of decent data. Big up the young fella in a non twink predator homo-erotic way like some IDW folk(allegedly,Greek life fashion) Respect.

  19. And your bringing up some serious points but what about the real dirt like robert hunter cia wrote most of grateful dead songs and him and ken keasy and leary were all gov sponsored spooks who did their job till death and their kids carry on the family recipes like zane keasy and owsley there is so much craziness involved and the gd are. Masonic to say the least and i know that crowd well its absolutely nothing to disappear people at dead show and just say it must have been drugs and burning man this entire world is a. Death cult cant even go to fucking national park anymore and feds and blm buying up or confiscating everything for their bases and research with genetic monsters like autism and priviledged people and there is entire country of zombies in midwest who gladly slave away quietly in their personal slice of hell on earth

  20. Psychedelics are a birthrite of every single human and no law is gonna ever change that

  21. Does anybody knows what software are they using for that multiple live video?

  22. Check out the old movie "Stepford Wives" not the newer one but the original. It was hard hard core propaganda. I was a little kid when it came out and the advertisement level of that movie was super turbo charged and omnipresent. If you see that movie, they make family life and being a mother and wife sound like the most ghastly, twisted, and completely useless boring life possible. It's so sad.

  23. Could someone please make the connection with George Noorey and John B Wells? Wells is a HUGE Q supporter and my sister is near woke but is having a difficult time believing Wells is "controlled opposition." (IMO)

  24. I had always assume that the vegan agenda was to roll out a simulated meat industry

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