The world is hungrily watching the Netherlands’ 2017 elections.

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  1. user

    That really is a fantastic piece of artwork.

  2. user

    You were right, he lost.

  3. user

    Sargon, why do you call the Rotterdam riots peaceful? A cop was kicked in the head so hard his helmet broke, another cop had his hand broken. The Erdo-turks pulled tiles from the pavement, vandalized shop fronts and restaurants, a Salvation Army charity outlet and the Maritime museum. Nest day a cyber attack started, websites of 1500 dutch businesses defaced, twitter accounts hacked and used to tweet swastikas and anti-dutch rethoric. There was a protest in Amsterdam where Turks did the Hitler salute. The dutch consulate in Turkey was pelted with eggs, one "activist' climbed on the roof and replaced the dutch flag with a turkish one. Try that with a turkish consulate, you'll die of lead poisoning.

  4. user

    say it sargon, you think the danish peoples will end up with furnaces in the long run.
    they brought it on themselves, and don't think england doesn't take it up the arse from muslims.
    i get it, preventative detention is code for a meat grinder, black vans lifting peeps off the streets randomly…
    almost as it stands anyway.
    at least one has the balls to face the red tide and say it as it is.
    go far right wing, it's come to this, or you could act alone, doubt that will work.
    the crusades have returned, and good people will be marked as traitors by all sides.
    if being invisible and unnoticed is not an option, a chosen side of the coming conflict IS.
    regardless, they have chosen YOU to vent at, so that's your options, as they are for most…

  5. user

    Gert wilders is against freedom of religion and for banning books, that goes completely against liberal principles.

  6. user

    It's ridiculous that Geert Wilders is pretty much the most hated person of the Netherlands.

  7. user

    Im so glad the pvv got absolutely shit on during our elections. You missed a lot of important points, none of Wilders points can actually be achieved, he wants to ban the koran (even though he said it was a symbolic ban) closing all muslim schools and close all mosques. Only these 3 points break many human rights, Wilders doesnt fact check anything and has time and time proven to never actually read the Koran.

  8. user

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  9. user

    We have had a massive problem in the West for the past 20+ years with that the Political Establishment seeing themselves as smarter and superior to the voters, that they, and they alone knows what is best for the people and the country, and that them being elected into office gives them carte blanch to overrule the wishes and wills of the people that voted for them, essentially believing that any and all lies that will get them elected are justified so that they can then turn around and force THEIR will on those that trusted them…

  10. user

    1) we don't need a majority to create a government – we've had minority cabinets.
    2) Wilders and his movement (the PVV is intentionally and explicitly not a political party – no democracy in choosing a leader or whatever) is simply in favor of whatever is popular. He has no vision, no grounding. His political manifesto for this (and all previous) elections was a single piece of paper. he's for lowering the pension age (without any notion of how to pay for it) – that's further left than the lbour party (at least the old people party (literally called 50+) tried to calculate what it would cost to do so), he's against Muslim immigrants (being the people that support and "spread" Islam) on the basis that "they'z takin' our jubz, accosting our women and poisoning our youth (you need some patsy group, why not the arabs…), he's for whatever will get him more vote's than it'll cost him – he's an embarrassment.
    3) The problem with the Turks is that they are Turkish AND dutch. They literally cannot get rid of their Turk passport. Erdogan needed to have a boogie man to move turkey towards a dictatorship – the pres Rutte happily provided him one for the opportunity to win a few more seats – Rutte won from that one – because Wilders let him. I'm sure we'll get to why in a little bit.
    4) and there we are – from the Wilders election pamphlet you can see the problem – he doesn't actually want to get political power. The manifesto seems written to specifically be impractical, illegal and immoral to all other – more serious – parties
    He lent opposition support to the first Rutte cabinet, and then blew it up when it was time to hammer out some tough in 2012 he bailed – and lost big in the following election. That was his one, and I think only, flirt with actual responsibility.
    He didn't campaign and didn't show up for debates. Said nothing controversial and did none of the things we've all seen from the UK and US – because he's afraid. If he had become the biggest party, all his voters would have expected him to actually form a gov't and lead the country ad that's not why he's there. He's just a career politician waiting out his days to his retirement age in a comfortable gov't job without any actual obligations!
    5) the pro-nazi content on the internet is also greater than in real life. controversy attracts the bored, and a lot of peopke are bored these days.
    4) We the dutch have had mass immigration since WWII, We've practically always been blessed with wore work than workers. (, use google translate.
    the last influx of actual war refugees is nothing we can't handle – though a lot of people benefit from acting like it is. It'll cost money, It'll take effort. but, Yes we Can – and Yes, we should!

  11. user

    "I have a message for the Turks"
    This could only be more badass if he called them "the Turk".

  12. user

    Wilders is a psychopath. The single member of his party, is himself. He doesn't want people to be a member of his party. Otherwise he has to share his power.

  13. user

    Sargon you have no real concept of politics in your own country so don't try to give any insight on these halfwit footsoldiers of yours of Who wilders is what what's happening in holland. Spew bs on you own little island in your own shitty town,please.

  14. user

    The thing Wilders was talking about 10 years ago have all come true, so be prepared for the shitfest that will be 10 years from now..

  15. user

    The Right now has the same future as disco.

  16. user

    VVD still won. 👌

  17. user

    I would vote for this brave man.

  18. user

    Western civilization needs to understand what drives the Islamic cultures.  It's the defeat of Christianity and the overthrow of Western governments.  There is nothing else and this hasn't changed since the middle ages.

  19. user

    Comparing the EU to Communism? That's a fucking laugh. For a start, the EU is establishing a single market (the opposite of Communism) and is a globalisation project (see: opposite of Communism)

  20. user

    Too bad they didn't win but there's still hope that the other European countries can be saved.

  21. user

    sargon is a marxist, plain and simple!

  22. user

    I really wish wilders won though, would make at least 1 great EU country back to it's roots.

  23. user

    "dont have a problem with Muslims but i have a problem with islam"

  24. user

    Wow, how to completely omit how Wilders' party was part of the coalition in 2012, and how he was kicked out within 6 months because he didn't want to negotiate on ANYTHING… He had his chance to participate in government, and he chose not to.

    Brilliant to see the PvdA collapse, and the voters massively jumping to the left (GroenLinks), not to mention how the rural areas are more likely to vote left than right, opposed to other countries.

  25. user

    I remember seeing Wilders in Maher's Religulous and totally agreeing with his views .
    Sad day for the Netherlands and the EU when he lost .

  26. user

    okay so i get that immigration is a big problem and whatever but "no public money for development aid, windmills, art, innovation, broadcasting, etcetera"… isn't that maybe bad? is art, healthcare and education already fine in the netherlands as it is that it doesn't need any more funding and such? shouldn't more money be better for it? i really wanna know more about this cause i probably didn't fully understand what it really means…

  27. user

    My hand itches

    its Time for Neo Ottomans

  28. user

    Wilders suported by zionist and Gorge Soros just like the Trump puppet.
    This channel operator need to be jailed for heating up wrong sentiments.

  29. user

    82 Showed up to vote, finally people are waking up. Use it or loose it, don't choose and someone will choose for you. But, the suspicion toward politics should be heard, modern democracy needs an overhaul.
    btw Erdogan has now said that Europeans are not safe now anywhere in the world. How is this not a threat? I supported the coup, and i regret that it failed. Ataturk would spit in Erdogan's face if he knew what he wants to change the state into.

  30. user

    Damn dude, you can speak my language better then most English speaking people.
    I have a feeling there was a massive voting fraud in the Netherlands, something that can't stay going well for long.

    For the Turkish thing, yeah most of us refuse to let them do what ever they want. Erdogan is more similar to Nazi Germany then the Netherlands is. They are even so similar to the same general lines of Nazism that you could safely say that they are actually Nazi's. I voted for Geert Wilders, I won't hide from that fact. I do wish to see the Turkish, Marrocan and other hate states to leave from Dutch soil, closing the borders and get out of the EU so that we can serve our own country again instead of the morons of the EU and US that try to use everyone as their puppets.

    I will tell you that this new group of morons in Den Haag really need to step it up and full fill the wishes of the people, if they do not. They will have riots on their hands and it is likely that a coup wouldn't be far away either. The Dutch people waking up a lot faster then those in the US and UK. The Dutch are not afraid to say what they think nor afraid to voice it loud and clear. The Dutch try to avoid violence, but if that fails, we will retaliate hard. The Dutch are friendly, but don't try to piss us off, you will get more then you bargained for… Remember history lessons from the Dutch Golden Age? You may want to see a Dutch made movie called "Admiral" (in Dutch: "Michiel de Ruyter")

  31. user

    Dear Carl, there is nothing wrong with that PVV manifesto. There is no danger whatever of the Dutch relinquishing a scrap of their freedom. Only of the Muslims being got rid of. And boy-o-boy is that what Europe needs. Won't happen alas.

  32. user

    HOW DO YOU KNOW GERT WILDERS?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. user

    becuse the pvv is just honest most dutch sitesen whant the fucking muslims gone thets why we vote for him

  34. user

    I agree with what you are saying about it but I have to ask didn't you start this video by pointing out that the Turks in the Netherlands are holding political rallies as citizens of another country? How can his policy impact the human rights of citizens if firstly those citizens don't hold allegiance to the country they live in and secondly, the countries that they do hold allegiance to are not signatories of the human rights convention and only recognise Islamic rights?

  35. user

    I 1000% agree with what he says about Turkey and Islam. It's a shame more people don't hold the same opinion. Religious freedom is already bad enough, what with allowing abhorant religious ideals to be present in the 21st Century, ideals which may lead to the death, and have lead to the death, of children and innocent people throughout history, by denying people medical care, children being often the victims but also literal witch hunts and mass murder.

  36. user

    Gee, I guess that I will vote for the people that want to take a few peoples freedoms away instead of the people that want to take every bodies freedoms away because I will still have some hope that I can stem the tide.

  37. user

    (Around 6:00) I don't think that is quite accurate.
    Coalitions never quite work out perfectly and arrangements and compromises still need to be made. Just take Trump and his health care bill that has been rejected stalled and dismissed despite Republican majority.

    I certainly do not think that Wilders needs a majority, and should point out neither did Trump need a majority either.

  38. user

    I am Turkish and I support Wilders over anyone else in EU, second comes Marine Le Pen. And I'm so enjoying the AKP supporters and their Erdogan pissed off and scared at this level. Hope they ban double citizenship for all AKP fanboys in EU and force them to choose nationality, you will immediately see them shut up.

  39. user

    and that's why Trump got elected!

  40. user

    as Beatrix may be one of the only serious threats to the crown? hmmm I wonder…

  41. user

    her heirs…

  42. user

    the very crown who has us all bound? hmmm lemme think on it

  43. user

    I voted for Wilders despite all of the issues that you pointed out (most of which I agree with), because we have no choice. None of the other parties will do anything to stop the islamification of our society.

  44. user


  45. user

    While the rest of this video is really good, I disagree with the fact that you believe he represents facism.
    Honestly, most of the ideas in the manifesto seems to be based off of the defense and safety of the dutch people. Considering countries around it are constantly being attacked by islamists, the idea that people could want to know their kids will get to school safe rather than being killed in the name of a shit religion, you cant say it's facism at work, rather common sense.

  46. user

    He is not fascist, he just wants to stop the islamisation of the Netherlands and Europe. Do you want the whole continent to be run by Muslims?! He even insisted on the fact he would be ready to pay for the migrants to integrate if they have the will to assimilate.

  47. user

    the problem was the crisis in 2012 it made the pvda have to create a monster of a goverment that was noune from the start and the fact that that labor faild was becose they didnt distence them self from the curant goverment also they atempted to crush the denk party before it could esteblish it self this ment not fighting for white poeple as much i was one of the labor suporters that abandond the party becose of it i voted for the sp

  48. user

    If thats fascism then sign me up

  49. user

    Yeah, pretty fascist, in some regards. However, like any negotiation, high-balling it leaves you room to maneuver, so I wonder if he really meant it all.

  50. user

    you ar eonly showing one part of greet wilders…

  51. user

    but the major problem with geert wilders is that, for any of his points that he has made in the political agenda, the constitution would have to be changed, to which he has never stated to how he would do any of it, for example the freedom of religion would have to be removed as well as the freedom of press and literature. these are big things, and with no commentary on how he wants to do these kinds of things is just ridiculous, regardless if you agree with any of these points.

  52. user

    Hell, let's get a Gert for every country in the Western world. I'd vote for him, no problem.

  53. user

    I know essentially nothing about Wilders nor Dutch politics in general, but his answers were remarkably measured, I feel.

  54. user

    I wonder how many people realize Sargon doesn't really support Wilders.
    I also wonder how many people don't realize that they're fascists.

  55. user

    Hmm… I wonder if Sargon has changed his views, at least to some extent, on Geert Wilders, considering in a recent episode of "This Week In Stupid" , Mr. Akkad suggested a ban on Islam.

  56. user


  57. user

    I am very impressed about the research you did about the Netherlands and if you ever need more information or translations i am happy to provide it. And if you would do another piece, then you could look into forum for democracy. Its the newest party in the parliament which got two seats out of nothing, and after the elections they still are rising in the polls.

  58. user

    The only reason Sargon criticizes the left so much is because it has many flaws. This video is proof that Sargon will call out the right for their flaws as well.

  59. user

    If you don't know shit don't talk about it.

  60. user

    Dat back ground tho, source? It's dope

  61. user

    You should research Thierry Baudet. He is the netherlands only hope at the moment to keep our soverinity!

  62. user

    Sarrga of akkad plz make video on FVD it’s a new political party in the Nederland it’s a really good political party

  63. user

    I think we'll see a decline in the Pvv but an increase in the FVD, Forum for Democracy A party that recently managed to get 3 zetels and establish itself. Because it shares the border concern with wilders aswell as leaving the EU but has more sensible stances unlike Wilders other policies. Only thing I think would be dicy is their implementing of a more direct democracy by allowing the people to raise a petition and request the politicians to discuss it if the people believe the reason they voted on someone was being glossed over.

  64. user

    Talks about 2017 election. use video of Mark Ruthe of 2015

  65. user

    Wilders is a total fckface but what he said about erdogan is true…..

  66. user

    His manifesto is a tad fascist but with all the insanity and violence coming from Islam I have a hard tuns objecting to much of it

  67. user

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  68. user

    The problem with Geert Wilders is not that he says things against Islam. To me, every religion should, and has to be critizised, since many of their uses are rooted in backwards traditionalism, that only hold us back in our technological advancements. (E.G. believing the earth is only 6000 years old, gays should be stoned, women are inferior and thus not giving them the chance to add up to our technological advancements.) What Geert Wilders does, if you look at him closer, is say many socialist things, but then vote against pretty much all of these things when it comes to voting. Also, Geert Wilders party only has one member: Geert Wilders. Even though there are more representatives, there is in the end only one person in the party that votes, him himself. This is a shame and to me, no democracy at all, leading people to say he is in fact fascist. I could be wrong here, so if you feel like correcting me, then do so. Personally, I see little difference between him and the socialist party, accept the socialist party actually sticking to their points. Strangely, the voters for the PVV stand against many left wing parties, which would offer them the same, and long not are as open to refugees or radical Islam as often thought. Geert Wilders himself admits this as well. Its the mid/centrum that is the problem, not the outliers.

  69. user

    PVV is, at this point, the second largest party and is COMPLETELY ignored by the coalition and the other parties. This pisses me off because I do not think that should be how a democracy works. But sadly, the vast majority of the Dutch political parties is left-wing. And the very few right-wing parties that do exist, are not extremely right, whereas some leftist parties are almost alt-left (Artikel 1 for example). As someone who is more on the centre of the political spectrum, it's hard to find a party to vote. The worst part is that you can't say that because there will always be someone around to more or less call you out and throw insults at you. So will the general media, which is all left-wing. It's all very frustrating.

    Still, interesting to see an outsider's perspective on Dutch politics. Tbh I didn't know anyone gave a damn about it. Great vid Sargon, hope to see another one sometime.

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