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    Love your vids dude, but I wouldnt take anything The Daily Telegraph says seriously. They are Australia's least trusted newspaper, and a bloody tabloid. Even better, it's owned by Rupert Murdoch, one of the most corrupt media moguls on earth.

  2. user

    LOL "Get in the fucking helicopter"

  3. user

    only person on the left I can bear to listen to because you actually woke keep up the great work

  4. user

    Sargon: "If it ain't broke…"
    Pseudo-intellectual busy-bodies: "DESTROY IT!!!"

  5. user

    Islam is not a bad religion if all Muslims were terrorist they would only have to kill 4 people before everyone in the world be dead. only a small group of Muslims are radical.

  6. user

    Reminds me of the book The Giver where they have birthers and the children they conceive go to different families. Its a good book.

  7. user

    press 1 to hug Ms. A it was terrible that she had to deal with radicalization of students

  8. user

    Cringe inducing "comedy" is the only description that fits her Netflix show. Her "comedy" is nothing but gross jokes that aren't funny. There are plenty of funny female comedians, she just isn't one of them.

  9. user

    C'mon guys. You're being way too hard on Schumer. She's a first of her kind – America's first Potato to get a career in comedy.

  10. user

    She steals jokes. Not funny. Vagina jokes one after the other. Not funny. I haven't managed to watch any thing else She has done. 10 minutes was enough.

  11. user

    Social mixing of children would work splendidly in Bosnia. If you were a retarded monkey who knew nothing about what happened here. Or an sjw/commiefuck.

  12. user

    Who loves orange soda….. Ah memories.

  13. user

    i'd crack a joke about Amy Schumer . . .

    but Amy Schumer isn't funny

  14. user

    Fuck Amy Schumer.


    Literally fucking Amy Schumer would be a truly horrific experience.

  15. user

    I propose an ideology. 'touch my kid and I'll fucking kill you'. Looking for recruits to spread this vision.

  16. user

    Here in Australia, we're luckily fighting back on these left wing cancers.

  17. user

    Does it strike anyone as odd that not too long ago, we made it illegal for teachers to discipline kids? Public schooling should've died that day. How does a kid learn a god damn thing in school, when you can't discipline them? What the fuck. How did we let our countries get flooded with such pathetic, cowardly cunts? I was fucking lucky that I turned out the way I did, I was raised by a couple of them. We aren't even a fucking nation of our own anymore. We are a nation that everyone can take advantage of. We need a fucking wall, we need to give power back to the people, we need to retaliate against our attackers, and execute every single person that invades our nation. It's the only way. There is no reasonable alternative. I don't know about you, but if you aren't against islam, then you are just as disgusting as they are. If you aren't against our enemies, who want to see you dead, then you are a disgrace to yourself if nothing else, and I will treat you the way I treat our enemies, to show our enemies that at least one person in this nation has the balls to stand their ground.

  18. user

    The babies one, where is this from?

  19. user

    In regards to 11:59, in his TedTalks, George Watsky got suspended for threatening one of his teachers
    …In a rap battle

  20. user

    you forgot to mention that one of the biggest Parts her Netflix special flop is because 75% of the jokes and it were stolen and proven to be stolen

  21. user

    I hate it when people say "Organized trolls". Trolls are never organized. There might be a lot of them, but they aren't organized. They're lone wolves. They might see another wolf eating it's prey and go in to try and snag some, but that's not organization.

  22. user

    I'm a classic liberal, and am with you, David Reuben, and others of similar thought. Keep it going Sargon, I dig!!!! Hell, I get a kick out of Milo from time to time.

  23. user

    I didn't want this video to end ­čśé

  24. user

    Very well said Sargon ­čĄś

  25. user

    Sargon when you said that all the people on Fresh Prince were black… I honestly had to think about that and for the first time realized that was true. I actually miss the nineties now.

  26. user

    I feel powerful, dangerous, and brave for listening to that excuse.

  27. user

    Well, regressives, I don't particularly cherish the idea of my offspring being stolen and "re-distributed" by the state.

  28. user

    I do not understand so many leftists' unquestioning adoration for an all-powerful government… If you protest the idea even in the slightest you are called some strange combination of alt-right libertarian fascist….

  29. user

    Bro you're not Left.

  30. user

    That last article might seem like something that will go unnoticed and be quickly forgotten, but I think we're going to be seeing more theories along those frightening as fuck lines in the future. Now take your government selected black son and love him, you genetic chauvinist!

  31. user

    I think there's more to Schumer than just the Radfems and SJWs… she has political connections and is from a wealthy Jewish family. I've noticed both Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope shy away from talking about her, and one time when it came up in Joe's podcast with Stanhope as a guest, it got really awkward and Doug sort of muttered something about not wanting to ruin Joe's career, and then they dropped the subject. I'm heavily paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it.

    She also only became famous at all by doing material that was written for her for a Roast they needed to pad out. Somehow this rocketed her to super-stardom and landed her a tv show and movie roles, yet her actual stand up stands as stark testimony that the nature of her fame is not in being funny or even likable.

    I myself am a woman who can't stand her and her fans. I can't stand the entire 'girls do comedy' trend lately, where unfunny nobodies get a boost just for saying 'vagina' and 'am I right ladies' multiple times in a set. We'll never have a female equivalent to Bill Bur, Doug Stanhope, or Bill Hicks this generation because women are rewarded for doing safe pandering 'I'm a girl' comedy. Any female comedians who do politics and culture and genuine life experience are being over shadowed by rich well connected Jewish bitches and 'girl power' type panderers who can't seem to form thoughts beyond 'guys are so dumb, i'm so fucking precious, oh my god shoes and weddings'. The sorts of bitches better suited to being the drunken hecklers than being the one on stage.

  32. user

    The baby swap article sounds like that anti racist Dr. Seues book taken to far

  33. user

    WHO are the ONLY PEOPLE with the kind of POWER that can corrupt America into JEWmerica, the colony of israel, the zionazi IDIOTS of the INSANE White Euro 'jew' that never lived in or near the Middle East?

    Who are the ONLY people that have proved time and again that they are PARASITES that are NEVER to be TRUSTED because they NEED VICTIMS in order to show the world that the 'god' they invented chose them and GAVE THEM LAND, making them IMMUNE from the LAWS of any NATION the White Euro JEW invades to deceive, corrupt, cause death and destruction, by the White Euro 'jew' calling their soon to be VICTIMS, ''FRIEND'

    Who are the ONLY people that own the 'news' media, the Financial industry, the POLITICAL SYSTEM, the publishing industry, the Movie industry, the schools, the business',

    Who are the ONLY people that own the TV stations, the radio networks, the 'new print'.

    Who owns the 'public radio, the 'public TV, that have the USA tax payers FUND their propaganda MILLS and tell you right to your face that the PBS 'system is a privately owned company, funded by Y,OUR FUCKING TAX DOLLARS that produce 'documentries' about how only the JEW suffered, but will NEVER REVEAL it was the JEW themselves that BETRAYED Germany, the 'friend' of the INSANE PARASITIC JEW, over that same piece of SHIT land that the INSANE White Euro 'jew' now betrayes America, Palestine.

    Who are the PEOPLE that HISTORY has taught the lesson for 2000 years that today is still TRUE…


    What the fuck is it going to take before the American people realize that 'voting' is a JOKE played on the America people to give the ILLUSION that America is a country of the American PEOPLE, by the AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and should NOT BE RUN BY A BUNCH OF INSANE WHITE EURO 'jews' that as PARASITES, human or otherwise, care for nothing and no one but 'israel' and THEMSELVES, along with 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians' that care for nothing and no one but their BANK ACCOUNTS and the JEW that BRIBES them, BOTH COMMITTING TREASON.

    WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO HOLOCAUST THE WHITE EURO 'jew' AND 'OUR' JEW CORRUPTED POLITICIANS HAS BEEN REACHED AND PASSED BECAUSE those that are supposed to ENFORCE the LAWS of the USA Constituion have been CORRUPTED by those that BREAK the LAWS of the USA Constituion and NOTHING CHANGES except the face or the color of the next EMPTY HEADED PUPPET OF THE WHITE EURO jew, that will get rich by betraying America, for the benefit of the JEW that BRIBES THEM and the body count of DEAD USA SOLDiers sent by 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians' that keeps getting HIGHER, while the White Euro 'jew soldiers' keep hinding behind a Wall that 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians' force the American people to PAY FOR, as the America people KILL< DIE AND PAY FOR EVERY FUCKING THING ELSE TO KEEP THE JEW HAPPY AS THE PARASITES THEY ARE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, since the Kazarian people put the LABEL of 'jew' on themselves,
    The answer to the problem of the INSANE White Euro 'jew' is found in the USA Constitution and used by other European NATIONS, it's the DEATH PENALTY for those that commit TREASON for ANY REASON.
    The USA Constitution DEMANDS, that when the paper BALLOTS are as worthless as the White Euro 'jew' has made of the USA Constitution, it's TIME FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO USE OUR OWN VOTING MACHINES THAT USE LEAD BALLOTS, to ensure that those the AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTE FOR will no longer be ALIVE in America ANYMORE, the White Euro 'jew' born anywhere, loyal only to THEMSELVES, and 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians' loyal only to their bank accounts and the JEW that BRIBES THEM.
    Joe Magnets

  34. user

    "Bad SJW, BAD!"
    I now have a vision of Sargon spanking a BDSM tied up feminazi over his knee. Well there's that.

  35. user

    Guys please don't give Amy schumer bad reviews, because it gives her attention so she can make more shitty shows, speak out more, and more people will have to see her flab in public.

  36. user

    This is insane! 5 year olds threatening to kill a teachers family?? They are fucking TAUGHT that from something!!! Hello people???? Oh, I forgot. It's a goddamn religion of PEACE. Please forgive me .

  37. user

    Taking infants away from their parents? You're right that's quite horrific.

  38. user

    @7:50 I'm a feminist and I'm 100% against this. There you have one.

  39. user

    I'm a liberal, and Amy Schumer is not funny.

  40. user

    this is what happens when you are no longer allowed to beat kids. ill smack a child, ill fucking laugh at him or her as they cry afterwards. its called respect for your elders, whether you like it or not.

  41. user

    I got in trouble at school for far less.

  42. user

    I would have made the "guests" sign a license agreement style document when coming in that you are obliged to follow. After which – 3 strikes and you are out & banned. If you can't abide by my rules when being in my house then you are not welcomed.

  43. user

    Listening to some of these rubbish ideas feels like cleaning up after someone elses vomit and that someone is not your child

  44. user

    You know I have to wonder, what does the left seek to gain out of mass imagration from islamic countries? It clearly isn't popular and it only hurts their country as a whole. The only possible tiny insignificant benifit is they can say that they aren't racist (even when the problem isn't race but the difference in western and islamic culture). If someone could tell me why they are so pro-imagration that would be helpful.

  45. user

    Amy Schumer is a religion of peace…

  46. user

    The great king Sargon saying it how it is.

  47. user

    Racism will never end until we stop using labels like white, black, asian, etc and African Americans let go of slavery and move on

  48. user

    lmfao punchbowl

    western sydney is lost

  49. user

    Social mixing could have been beaten over the head a lot more easily. it was already tried by a bunch of idiots called hippies. Their society didn't even last one generation. Also, while everything Sargon says about this being stupid is correct, he's wrong on one point. In a "socially mixed" society, race would still be an issue. Genetically, everyone on the planet and every form of life is racist. Humans use phenotypical cues to detect who is most like them genetically similar to them. This is aptly demonstrated in studies of sexually compatible siblings or cousins raised apart who unknowingly meet.

    Without the natural instinct/aversion against inbreeding that is fully developed by living in close proximity with one another during childhood, they are vastly more likely than others to start a romantic relationship and get married. As Dawkins and many other geneticists say: "People don't have genes for making more people. Genes have people for making more genes" The gene absolutely abhors dissimilar genes that could be a threat. If you are randomly assigned a child of a different race, you might care for that child out our natural tendency to care for human young, but you could still hate other races because it's very apparent that they are NOT as genetically similar.

  50. user

    If someone wanted to take my kid away at birth I'd birth him at home and hide him from these lunatics

  51. user

    I am a liberal libertarian according to my compass and I don't believe in racism and all that mess but there is a serious problem being ignored coming out of these Muslim communities and the government needs to do something about it or there will be riots in the streets and vigilantism they being the islamist idealogs are standing against everything good in this world and are not interested in peace and Harmony and quite frankly I don't know what to do the sjws and feminist are really helping them in destroying the west and I feel helpless to do anything about this thank my lucky stars I don't live where any of this happens or is even relevant because I don't think I would be able to stand by and watch antifa and the regressive left let this happen

  52. user

    The guy who wrote the article on the randomly allocated children is an idiot I can't believe that so many idiots have a voice and I dont

  53. user

    Marxists have always been against the family unit.

  54. user

    Babies randomly reallocated…Well in this case the author of that idea should've been euthanised at birth.

  55. user

    I think they more or less changed the rating system on netflix because of this lol. Now it's just a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". That is weird. Before you could rate 1 to 5 stars. This means you could express that you thought something was decent, but not exactly great. With this new system either you loved it or hated it.

  56. user

    If these kids/parents teaching them this shit are so concerned about islam then why are they in America? Why are they spending their money here which helps America instead of their country? Why aren't they moving to Islamic countries to help the country/religion they claim to love so much? Spending their money in America on bills, cars, insurance, clothes, food, water, health etc does not help their country at all, how about trying to actually put your money and your actions where your mouth is and move to an Islamic country to help your country thrive! Go and pay your bills there to help its economy, actually get the hell off your asses and go and support the country and religion they are so radical about!!

  57. user

    So called "Social mixing" is the most ridiculous and horrifying idea I've ever heard. That is pure evil. "Fuck you, we're taking your kids, here's Billy from Kansas".

  58. user


  59. user

    Ha Xb Hmmm…Hmmm…HMMM…LOLolllololllol…Ha Xb this one was funnies GOOD SHOW, KINDA NICE HA…POOP…DATO…8_8

  60. user

    I'm on the left and I don't know what I hate more, Amy Schumer, Feminism or Islam.. They're all cancer..

    Okay, it's Islam!

  61. user

    You can just tell with how Amy was talking, you can tell it was all a front. She in NO WAY felt encouraged by any of that. She was saying/typing all that through nervous giggles trying to salvage dignity and act as if she's important. While in the meantime she was bitching and crying to Netflix so they changed their rating system so now it's either just a thumbs up or thumbs down and all that does is say "I want to see more of this" or "I want to see less of this". Because it's the only way they can kind of maintain some level of sense of importance.

  62. user

    Damn there was some deeply disturbing stuff in this one.

  63. user

    Mandatory sterilization, monstrous, but also necessary if we want to avoid idiocracy.

  64. user

    How many jokes about her fat rancid vagina can amy make before it gets old?

  65. user

    Hmmm… HMMmmmmm… HMMMMMMM

  66. user

    This just reminds me of how proud she was when she posted nude pictures and feminists called her brave. Yet they talk shit about models that do the same thing everyday because they are jealous, bitter and angry.

  67. user

    She compared the smell of her snatch to that of a barnyard animal, nobody laughed because we all assumed it to be the truth and not some form of clever joke telling. I bet it does smell like a damp sheep.

  68. user

    My god that last article had some sort of a version of society from Huxley`s "Brave new world" in it…

  69. user

    You're wrong, Sargon! My mates and me are very interested in how Amy's pussy smells, and have had many heated debates on the subject.

  70. user

    Amy Schumer – disgusting. Stealing someone's newborn and giving it to someone else – horrifying.

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