They just come out and say they want the worst case scenario.

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    I really have to question the thought process behind wanting to ruin the nuclear family as a whole. As if that perfectly fine working idea of a family is somehow "evil" and most be abolished because they said so.

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    :))))))). Sargon, you ignorant fool! This isn't "the corporatist" position (your first clue should be that A FEMINIST – remember the Marxist oersuasion of that paicular cult?), no, it is the STATIST position, because if you work and produce an income (that you will most likely end up spending on daycare, anyway) you also produce TAXABLE INCOME. That's the real problem with stay-at-home moms since the beginning of time: staying at home can't be taxed.

    And suprise, surprise, I can tell you from personal experience, having grown up in a communist (as in behind the Iron Curtain) country, one of the biggest sins you could do was to be a stay at home mother.

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    The way to get more diversity in science is making the education system more inclusive, not hiring people on the basis of the colour of their skin or gender.

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    @6:33 I wish the author had the privilege of setting the line height greater than the font size

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    This is it. They're cannibalizing each other.

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    What a time to be alive. As a fan of Kafka I must say I have a morbid fascination towards all this while at the same time I must admit that I do find myself shocked that this is actually happening… The Theatre of the Absurd made more sense then what is happening in the world recently. Don't get me wrong, I understand their reasons for doing it, it's to promote their own political agendas… what I don't understand is who they are aiming this towards. It's honestly insulting my intelligence and the fact that they are most likely aiming this towards other human beings means their opinions of the human race is really really bad. Also, do they not realize that if indeed they manage to get censorship of hate speech to become a thing, their own rhetoric will be susceptible to the same rules?

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    Also, once my kids got to school age, I became a volunteer at their schools, in my community, at my local senior center, and at my church. This was very productive and useful during the recession under Obama. Many charities lost a huge portion of donations because the middle class was struggling, and they were a huge chunk of where these local charities received their donations from. Our schools lots millions in government funding. Our PTA (Parent Teacher Association) was all stay at home Moms that spent many hours planning and holding fundraisers to make up for these losses. I have chaired our corporate fundraising for 4 years(Box Tops, labels 4 education, Tyson A+, and recycling brigade), chaired our garage sale for 2 years, was a volunteer for our annual auction for 2 years, and a volunteer for our teachers for 5 years. There are millions of stay at home Mothers that contribute to these sorts of charities everyday. I am absolutely disgusted that anyone would think that being a stay at home Mother should be against the law. She obviously did not do her homework.

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    Sarah Le Marquand: "It should also be illegal for people to cook at home. Doesn't matter if it's cheaper and poorer families will be most affected. It should be illegal until there is gender parity in fast food purchases."

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    Oh yes. "The economy". So much more important than female liberation which afforded us the ability to CHOOSE what we do with OUR BODIES and OUR TIME, which includes becoming a SAHM finances permitting mind you. Seem like feminism and women's lib are not exactly the same thing. I'm not a feminist then. Fuck you. Just fuck you.

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    Wow. It's proven that two parent households are much better for kids. But even better for kids are households where one of the parents stays home to raise them. Funny I wonder if these feminists have kids? Remember when anyone without kids kept their mouths shut about how to raise them?

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    That first feminist and her ilk scare me. They don't care about women's rights. They want power.

    Also are you new? Dark skin blacks have always had this victim complex to light skins.

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    This is literally just confirming that SJWs are useful idiots to a globalist agenda of control.

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    THIS IS A METHOD OF SUPPRESSING WAGES! More labor = less labor cost per labor unit.

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    Day care kids display abandonment syndrome. Remember that government thinks that its all their money.

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    Thanks for existing…

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    Funny (or not actually) how feminists want to make everyone equal in relationships. Fascism is what that is because not everyone wants the same things in life. Some women WANT to have a man they love, and that loves her, that WANTS to go out and get money for her and let her be free from 9-5 slavery. Some men im sure want to do the same but opposite, and stay at home taking care of his working woman and support her. People are DIFFERENT! And we want DIFFERENT things out of life! This fascist equalization of everything is fucking dumb. We should be equally respected and have equal opportunities. Every sane person already thinks that, but people (INDIVIDUALS) have different needs and goals in life. Some do not want to share everything. Some want to be providers and some want to be provided for. Seriously, i never understood feminists who think that a man who loves a woman deeply and want to provide for her so she can be free in her life – is a BAD thing?! If a woman i loved told me she wants to provide for me and let me be free i would fucking jump from joy. Im used to working, but boy oh boy i have a lot of hobbies to choose from between the simple cleaning (keep it fresh at all times means you dont have to do a lot of cleaning everyday) and dinner cooking! I would support the shit out of her and love her dearly.

    People are different. Its about freedom and choices. Fucking learn that, feminazi's.

    The terrorist had to convert in the UK prison. Its no ones fault except the UK govt who Kknow that the prisons are full of Muslim gangs who FORCE people to convert. If you dont convert you get beat up. Some can deal with it but a lot cant. So its no ones fault but his own, prisons and the Muslim gangs inside.

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    God these comments are GOLD

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    Wait, feminists think it should be illegal to be a stay-at-home mom? Does that mean that they are going to try to force women who don't want to work into job they don't want? Isn't that borderline slavery?

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    12:19 only at night though

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    SJWs are racist as fuck, they push white male superiority, they judge by skin colour without even batting an eyelid

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    5:00 (and before … to what she said) … I don't think so … more like the opposite … if all women would work, that would mean more employees for the same and shrinking amount of jobs (e.g. a Chinese manufacturer proudly announced that he automated … and reduced his workforce from ~650 to 60 in the transition with the goal of 20 in the end*) …
    Great fucking idea … that way you have to pay your workers less because of the increased competition … not to speak that the families need more money for to pay the ones that then actually take care of the childrens

    Not only that those childs will be raised with a lack of family contact … they (at least majority) also will be raised … well maybe not directly poverty … but close by.
    That isn't true for single parents households … (my father was an abusive cunt … and my mother only left him after I was almost hit by a jar of jam … aimed at my mother … on the head … so there are households where full families are not a viable option) … which will be hit twice as hard by this … and probably in need of handouts and welfare even if working full time.

    I observed (after it was propagated by the government) a increase of (full time) jobs in this country (Germany) which are eligible for welfare! They work their asses off and have barely more than one who doesn't work at all … and those get what is considered the absolute minimum to not starve to death. (But official it contains / pays for a whole lot of other stuff … like 1.5€ for recreation … a month. … or a whopping 1 € for education … a month … which includes internet and newspapers … we don't want the plebs to be too educated won't we)

    In short we already have jobs you can't live from even with getting welfare at same time.

    And that before the whole industrialization 2.0*² kicks fully in … with the replacement of all truck drivers and taxis through AI cars.

    *= one source (I googled up, though I heard about it from a different channel):

    *² = industrialization 2.0: are things like above and this:

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    Good grief I've done Diversity learning outcomes at work and I have to pass the wee test at the end, I'm being brainwashed and then being marked on the results, and I'm rooting for them.

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    I'm not a woman and all but the reason it is harder to find makeup for extremely dark skin is exactly why it is hard to find it for extremely light skin… they don't make up a large enough market for it to be profitable to mass produce and sell I stores.

    Duuuuuuh, date a Nigerian and date a moon tanned Irish lady and you'll see them bitch about the same stuff.

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    Race is a social construct #standwithdolezal

    Jk jk jk jk jk jk jk jk I k j jk k j k jk j k j k jk

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    Am I alone in having noticed that mixed (black / white) race couples tend to get attacked more often along racial lines if the guy is white and the girl black? Is this real or am I paranoid?

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    I've seen / heard plenty of black people before, ripping at each other along racial lines. Especially when drunk.

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    And people say blacks can be racist. I face more racial discrimination from the black community then the white. This explains everything, I'm too white.

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    Sargon, are you sure you're not just reading satirical articles?

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    The article about light skinned privilege makes me want to die. Honestly. People CANNOT be that stupid. But they are.

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    Feminism is so empowering to women

    Get a full time job or get jailed

    So much freedom

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    wow. some black people actually hate other black people because of how light skinned they are?

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    both my parents worked and both my parents spent a lot of time with me after school. you can work and raise a child at the same time. it's just a little extra work.

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    Spot on. who owns who right.

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    This is rather important but unemployment is currently at a point of 12 applicants for every advertised job. 17 applicants for every job if you adjust for job swapping. So this study suggests adding a significant portion of the population to this when they neither need nor want work in a paying job. What does this brains trust think is going to happen. " Oh! more applicants, quickly create more jobs?" The feminists want these women to enter into a highly competitive job market and oust people who need work and likely oust a proportion of the women who need and and are looking for work.

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    The skin tone of my genitals is a bit darker than the rest of me. Am I bi-racial?

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    would you rather have a stay at home mom or a stripper mom? yeah i though so


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    >due to European facial features…

    Oh, are we breaking out the calipers now?

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    i used to be a communist. communism is pure evil i saw the light.

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    I wonder how Sarrah Le Marquand felt about her "wage gap" contributions when she took maternity leave with her first child. Hypocrite.

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    "waved his knife which caught his face" Well isn't that a nice way to down play psychothic behavior.

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    'Feminism' is the worst thing that happened to women and children – it was created and controlled by 'intelligence' as a means to force two people to earn same wage as once given to one and also, lots of children left in care of strangers. I have shared concerns in my videos about how women are not seen as 'productive' for producing and raising a child – they must work for an employer to raise an adult human who is then exploited by a corporation and yet, NOTHING is paid to the 'manufacturer'/parents who have invested everything have and their 'wages' in that child. It's as if women are persuaded it is their DUTY to FREELY create the next generation for people who make them slaves and who do not think people have a right to healthcare etc. My point is, if parents are freely giving their time, energy and physical labour to raise the next generation, then WHY don't the manufacturers of goods do the same? I think this problem exposes the true injustices of a corrupt money-supply within the 'philosophy' of capitalism: HOW can we be in DEBT when we are PAYING to raise the next generation by working for mostly, less than a living wage while a relative few, are paid very high salaries?

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    The point about not finding foundation in a dark enough skintone without looking behind the counter or going online goes both ways. As a northern european with skin that practicly glows in the dark since we have barely any sun where I live(and I refuse to go to tanning salons and get me some skin cancer), I have yet to find a foundation white enough for my pasty vampire-looking skin, same goes for "nude" underpants that are always way to dark. #criesinscandinavian

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    The fundamentals of human freedom is a right to chose to be at home or not!

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    Do you see the cannibalism here? They've run out of white people in their own lives to berate about being oppressors, likely because they've annoyed them into finding other friends, so what do they do? Turn to their light skinned black friends as their oppressors. If you are black, do you not think this will one day come for you? If you are just as dark skinned, but your family is well off, well, you must have been in league with the white supremacist patriarchy, or the light skinned privilege deniers. SJWs are a lot like the Highlander race. In the end, there can be only one.

  48. user

    Wow. Really, black SJW?
    My mom is black but she looks very light, she's isn't even mixed, and gets mpre stigma for it. No one knows what she is, besides white, and she gets thrown so many stereotypes. I turned out lighter too, and I get categorized too. Come on!

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    Feminists really really HATING housewives is a MUCH bigger disregard than men had in the 60s, and thus they have lost ANY moral superiority and righteousness IMO.

    Feminists are just trying to turn women into "men type 2" … because life should be a dick-size-competition about who makes the most money.

  50. user

    Of course the women will have freedom… through their work. Work will make them free.

  51. user

    When you say "Doesn't it" it sounds as if your'e saying "Dozen tits"
    @Sargon of Akkad

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    When people say society oppresses Black people, They mean the KKK because all white people are part of it. True Fact (according to progressives)

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    A quick reminder to the OECD, Australia has not had a recession in over 30 years, so, who exactly is right when it comes to managing economies…

  54. user

    "Leaving the man needing 23 stitches"
    yeah i'm pretty sure it stops being an accident after five stitches my dude.

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    That's the rub of Feminism – or rather Marxism channelled through the idea of female empowerment, statistics can reflect differences of choice, yet they are so obsessed with centrally planning equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity it comes to the point where they are not only harrassing men but they end up oppressing women and compelling them into jobs and trades and even making fashion choices they don't necassarily want

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    I hate these feminist so much if my wife wants to stay at home ok if she wants to work fine as long as she is happy but I guess I'm old fashioned

  57. user

    This video left me with severe retardation, thanks Sargon. I want my brain cells back

  58. user

    Mario is real and he tried to eat bigfoots ass

  59. user

    What about all those non working children? They are a wasted labor force. They should be taken out of schools where they are doing nothing usefull and put to work for the benefit of society. If they stay in school they might end up educated and not want to be good little workers. We can't allow them to learn to think for themselves.

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    Well I guess I'm one of the guilty ones who decided that raising my children myself, not a daycare, not a babysitter, not a nanny was more important than having a new purse or pair of shoes each month. As a result of this my oldest daughter who is married and just had a baby has decided to quit her job to also raise their new daughter herself…and my other two daughters will probably do the same when they are old enough, perhaps because they all know the benefits of this and are also willing to go without a new purse or shoes each month ….I'm a baaaad person 🙂

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    They are warriors. The warriors who are died and have become ghosts cursed to fight but their no enemy so they attack eachother. Yes we are the same cause but I need to fight

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    Breaking news: The women's only 36 hour day now instituted so they can "have it all". Updates to clocks, calanders and seasons will be forthcoming.

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    That’s just messed up. People against stay at home moms. Sick. Better everyone is raised by the state? How Marxist.

  64. user

    It's not a 'corporatist' position, it's a communist idea. In communist Poland you HAD to be employed, if you didn't find a job that you liked the state would send you to a designated workplace and if you refused, you were a criminal. Pretty sure Poland wasn't the exception, it was the norm in the Eastern Bloc

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    Did he book himself into jail by choice or was he put there for something he did wrong like break the law?

  66. user

    India Pakistan Thailand all put a value on bring as light skin as possible. Are they racist?

  67. user

    She's a policeaphobic!

  68. user

    Required to send kids to kindergarten, woo… govts going to pay in full for that?

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    I miss the good old days when we used to hang people for treason.

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    When I was a kid my black friends were just my friends. Wish we could go back to that time before everything was about color.

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